Due Diligence in the Dnepr

Due Diligence

Due Diligence is not just a fashionable term, but it is a necessity! We offer a full collection of information, its analysis and conclusions with data obtained to maximize the success of your business

Due Diligence provides a comprehensive analysis of the company by auditors, financial analysts, lawyers. You will receive a detailed report, which minimizes risks of buying or investing.

Due Diligence is needed for maximum saving you from business risks.

Due Diligence is сonducted from several weeks to a year, depending on the volume of business.

Cases, when you need to conduct DUE DILIGENCE:

  • The purchase or sale of the company, company;
  • Estimated investment;
  • Mergers or acquisitions;
  • Formation of the joint venture;
  • The public offer of securities in the stock market;
  • Lending to commercial;
  • Control reliable contractor.

Due Dilegence Procedure:

  • Analysis of business organization. Its basic directions are history of the company or the enterprise, review of the structure, management, personnel, strengths and weaknesses, sales and procurement constraints;
  • Financial analysis. It is the process when we get the answer to the question: Can the company make a profit?;
  • Legal analysis determines the optimal activity of the company, the enterprise considering labor, corporate, civil rights;
  • Research tax provisions, during which experts consider to optimize and minimize taxes;
  • Analysis of market position. We consider the competitive opportunities, potential and prospects of the company or the enterprise.


  • Guaranteed high quality consultants` conclusion about the appropriateness and feasibility of actual company`s or the enterprise`s practice within the law;
  • Comparison of actual company`s or enterprise`s practice with the best examples in the relevant sectors and scales;
  • Analysis of header business processes with the identification of potential problem areas;
  • Recommendations and detailed plan of management measures for the improvement of the company or enterprise.
Due Diligence Representation in Ukraine

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